About Rock-A-Thon

Rock-A-Thon is an extensive philanthropic effort coordinated by the men of Alpha Epsilon Pi at the University of Missouri in Columbia and benefiting the American Cancer Society. The event has remained a Columbia staple since its formation in 1969.

This year, AEPi Rock-A-Thon’s donations will benefit the research of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma through the American Cancer Society. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (sometimes called NHL, or just lymphoma) is a cancer that starts in cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the body’s immune system.

In 2015, Rock-A-Thon raised $132,000 and solidified its position as the largest single-chapter fraternity and sorority philanthropy in North America. AEPi Rock-A-Thon’s goal is to exceed that record in 2017.

Rock-A-Thon 2017 will begin at 7 A.M. on April 27th and end at 10 P.M. on April 29th. The event is hosted on a stage at the northwest corner of 9th and Broadway in downtown Columbia, Missouri. One brother from the fraternity is elected to rock on a rocking chair for 63 straight hours while the remainder of the brotherhood and additional volunteers solicit donations through canning across the state of Missouri.

Adam Bodner


Fighting along side my mom as she battled cancer was hard but helped me understand how precious life can be. Let’s all stand up (or sit in my case) and fight cancer together. Together we can break our donation record again!

Adam Pressler


Losing three grandparents to cancer has taught me how precious life can be. I know that if when we come together with our community we will be able to save lives and give loved one’s extra time to make life long memories! #TogetherWeCan

Austin Dubinsky


Ever since my sister was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at five months old, I have always had a deep passion for fighting cancer and philanthropic work. I can’t wait to work together and raise more money to fight Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma!